From: angel24

Nancy Kapitanoff of Pulse Magazine gave FOTR a great review in the current September issue. Here’s what
they had to say:

“This is just plainly and simply one of the greatest films ever made–as well as probably the best combination of classic book and classic movie in the history of cinema. Director Peter Jackson embraced one of the most beloved texts in all world literature and turned it into something his own while keeping entirely faithful to his source. It was, in part, because the tools of the medium were equal to his imagination–that cave troll, those dark horsemen, the weird effects when Frodo foolishly puts on the ring, those Orcs, that thing of fire, the Balrog. In part, too, it was because Jackson was given the inestimable gift of time: Not only is this three-hour film merely one third of the story that he’ll ultimately tell, but we’re sure one day to see a cut closer to 12 hours–and I will set aside a full day to luxuriate in it as soon as you tell me when I can, thank you. Finally, the thing is exquisitely mounted, cast, played, paced, scored, shot–you name it. There’s enough humor to temper the foreboding, enough explication to keep the neophytes up to speed, enough natural beauty to make you book a flight to New Zealand, and more action and supernatural whatnot to appease the boy-geek in us all. And how instructive that it came on the heels of the first Harry Potter picture–a movie that amounted to little more than a half-afternoon of day care compared to the mammoth genius of Jackson’s achievement.”