On Saturday 30th November & Sunday 1st December 2002 we launch a gigantic Lord of the Rings event in Copenhagen Denmark: The Scandinavian Lord of the Rings Fair.

Among the many attractions at the Fair, fans from all over Scandinavia can meet the special guest star Richard Taylor from Weta Workshop. Richard is head of Weta Workshop, the special effects company behind the Lord of the Rings films.

The event mix a traditional trade fair, with a host of booths packed with all sorts of Lord of the Rings merchandise and games, with a grand show for all Lord of the Rings fans.

Something for all fans…
Here’s a rundown of some of the events at the Scandinavian Lord of the Rings Fair:

Guest Star. We are proud to announce that our guest of honour is the Oscar© winning special effects magician Richard Taylor from Weta Workshop. Giving all fans a unique opportunity to meet the guys who brought Tolkien’s Middle Earth to the screen.
Live size Weathertop ruin. The first thing the visitors see is part of the Amon Sûl ruin build in live size scale.
New trailers from New Line Cinema. See the newest clips from The Two Towers on a big screen.
Behind the scenes clip from the Lord of the Rings movies.
Mega Displays. We’ve build a huge landscape with hundreds of Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings miniatures, taking the spectators through the adventures of Middle Earth.
Live Role-play Swordfight. Do you fancy to be dressed up as a Mordor Orc or a valiant Man of Gondor and try your skills as a warrior in our arena? Skilled instructors guide the visitors through a battle with latex role-playing weapons.
…and much more. Quizzes, price draws, seminars and workshops, Bilbo’s Hobbit hole (for the youngest children), make up artist (do you want to be painted like an Orc?).

Trade Stands
We’ll give the visitors a unique chance to feast their eyes on a wide range of Lord of the Rings merchandise and other products. Here’s a short list of some of the Lord of the Rings product you should expect to find at the Fair:

Games Workshop brings along their new tabletop strategy game The Two Towers.
Electronic Arts new PS2 game Lord of the Rings – the Two Towers.
SideshowWeta show up with an impressive selection of their finest Lord of the Rings Collectibles.
Toys. Action men, swords, key rings, etc.
Merchandise. Posters, t-shirts, post cards, book marks, caps, banners …you name it!
Books. The whole range of Tolkien’s work, movie books, etc.
Video/DVD. Special edition, collectors edition and the normal editions.
…and much more. Costumes, masks, make up effects – indeed something for all and any tastes!

More information and links
More information about what is most likely turning out to be Europe’s biggest Lord of the Rings event, please go to our Danish website: Ringenesherremesse (includes a brief English Version).

Thank you – hope to see you in Copenhagen!