Press Release: The Topanga Canyon performance of The Hobbit won’t be the only production in California this September. The Chico Cabaret, located in the northern California “City of Trees” Chico will begin our version of Tolkien’s timeless tale on September 12th! Starring 30 children and three adults, this performance will be amusing and thrilling for the entire family. Enclosed is a copy of our poster ( which is a Photoshopped rendition of Mark Lawrence, who is playing Gandalf). During the next week I’ll try to send more photos, and hopefully, newspaper clippings,as the sets go up, the costumes and makeup are tried on, and the rehearsals become increasingly grueling and stressful! This will be a lighthearted and humorous production, and if you live anywhere in northern California it will be worth the journey. Think of it as your own personal Ring Quest!