The Cheap-Jack Master writes:

An important scene from ‘Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’ was presented in the Masquerade presentation of the WorldCon 2002: ConJose in San Jose, California on Saturday night. Near the end of the nights presentation of costumes, several attending costumers presented a new version of the Mirror of Galadriel sequence, but with a very Star Trek/South Park twist. Apparently, as Galadriel was showing her mirror to Frodo, a freak ionic storm occurred, swapping Frodo and Galadriel with their evil counterparts from the Mirror universe. ‘Evil Frodo’ appeared first, menacing the crowd. He could be identified as the evil twin of Frodo due to his distinctive goatee – a sure sign that he was evil.

He was then followed by the Mirror universe Galadriel, who was shown to be equally evil, due to her equally distinctive goatee. The appearance of the goateed Galadriel got the biggest laugh of all the entries that were attempting to be humorous.