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Archive for September, 2002

Download the Trailer Now! Full Screen!

So we have seen the frame by frame and a small version of the trailer. But now, see the glory of full screen Quicktime! Check out the website and the Official for links! [More] [Official Site]

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New September Green Books Update!

Greetings — Quickbeam here.

Green Books has a great little up date to wrap up the month of September:

* I go Out on a Limb to review “The Annotated Hobbit,” a stunning new edition from Douglas A. Anderson. This is the one book you MUST have this year — read my review to find out why!
* Tookish, that crazy old goony-bird, brings us side-splitting Ticklers with lots of original Fan jokes and humor. (Coming Later Tonight)
* Moon Letters is your gallery for the best Fan Fiction and Poems. Search through our old archives to see this magnificent online library! (Coming Later Tonight)
* Questions & Answers is fairly bursting at the seams with 21 new articles of Tolkien lore, arcana, and apocrypha — including:
1. What if I claimed the Ring?
2. Was Galadriel’s ship full of ghosts?
3. Was Shadowfax one of the Valar?
4. Why would Gandalf let all those hobbits die during the Scouring of the Shire?
5. Can you interpret Frodo’s dream?
6. Was Sauron just a floating eyeball?

Join us as we continue to explore the WORDS and WORLDS of Tolkien!

Much too hasty,

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Well LOTR TCG fans…it’s spoiler time again for THE TWO TOWERS TCG. After reading this new list, you will no doubt understand that the game will definitely be more intriguing, more intense and more involved than the “Fellowship of the Ring” and its expansions.

But enough of my jaw-jacking! Here’s the list. Salivate and enjoy!

SPOILER 1: Isengard
Weapons of Isengard
2 Twilight Cost
Isengard Culture
4 R 211
Machine. Plays to your support area.
Shadow: Play an (Isengard) archer to place an (Isengard) token on this card.
Archery: Remove 2 (Isengard) tokens from this card to make the minion
archery total +2. Discard this condition.
Crossbowmen arrived with munitions from Isengard.

SPOILER 2: Shire
Warmed Up a Bit
0 Twilight Cost
Shire Culture
4 C 322
Skirmish: Discard an unbound Hobbit.
“‘…we shall be able to stand again, and walk.'”

Deeping Wall
Site 5(t)
Shadow Number = 7
Battleground. Shadow: Play Saruman from your draw deck.

Had Enough Yet? It gets even better…

SPOILER 4: Raider
Southron Wanderer
3 Twilight Cost
Raider Culture
Minion, Man
8 Strength
2 Vitality
4 Site Number
4 C 258
Southron. Ambush (1)
Assignment: Exert this minion and spot 5 companions to assign this minion to
the Ring-bearer. The Free Peoples player may add (4) to prevent this.
Some desert warriors have no allegiance and work for any factions that will
pay them.

SPOILER 5: Gondor
Boromir, My Brother
0 Twilight Cost
Gondor Culture
+1 Vitality
4 R 111
Bearer must be Faramir.
Skirmish: Discard a (Gondor) card from hand to make a Ring-bound Man
strength +1.
“‘Where is thy horn? Whither goest thou? O Boromir! But he was gone.'”

Yes…I know exactly how your brain feels about now.

More to come…

Lao of Gondor

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Frame by Frame…Almost there…

We’ve been slaving all day long on the updated text for our frame by frame. Thanks to the efforts of staffers in Barlimans chatroom, we now have the majority of the descriptions finalized. A few more pages to go, but if you can’t wait for the completed product, check it out now. We will also be updating the images with clearer ones, once the official site makes a hi-res Quicktime version available. !!!MAJOR SPOILERS!!! [More]

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Toronto TTT Coolness Exhibit!

McLaughlin Planetarium

TORONTO, Sept. 30 /CNW/ – Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution announced today that on October 31, 2002, THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS EXHIBIT, an experiential exhibition containing artefacts from New Line Cinema’s theatrical production of THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS will launch in Toronto for a four-week period at the Royal Ontario Museum’s former McLaughlin Planetarium. Toronto is the only city in North America where this exhibit will be presented. [More]

(See you there! -Xo)

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Toronto TTT Coolness Exhibit!


TORONTO, Sept. 30 /CNW/ – Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution announced today that on October 31, 2002, THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS EXHIBIT, an experiential exhibition containing artefacts from New Line Cinema’s theatrical production of THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS will launch in Toronto for a four-week period at the Royal Ontario Museum’s former McLaughlin Planetarium. Toronto is the only city in North America where this exhibit will be presented.

Due to the phenomenal success of last year’s record-breaking exhibit for The Fellowship of the Ring at Casa Loma and the staggering box office performance of the film ($53.5 million representing 17.25 % of the North American box office), Toronto will play host to this remarkable event again. This year’s exhibit at the ROM’s former McLaughlin Planetarium will be more experiential than the last and guests will actually feel as though they are entering the Middle-earth of The Two Towers.

Starting in the greenery of the Fangorn Forest and ending in the opulence of Rivendell, throughout their journey guests will pass through such areas as The Golden Hall; the parapets of Helm’s Deep; the Glittering Caves and the Isengard Caverns. Interspersed in these environments will be costumes, drawings, props, exclusive never-before-seen footage from THE TWO TOWERS and of course the One Ring.

The new venue offers a self-contained environment for the exhibit and will permit extended hours into most evenings and facilitate higher attendance numbers than last year. Its ideal location on the subway line also provides easy access for all.

The acclaimed Oscar-nominated visionaries, Dan and Chris Hennah, responsible for the design work of the theatrical trilogy and last year’s exhibit are returning from New Zealand to oversee the installation. Joining them is a 10-member crew who helped to develop the specialized techniques throughout the filming of this trilogy.

“Come with us to Middle-earth!” quips art director Dan Hennah, “Using the same technicians and techniques that we utilized in the making of THE TWO TOWERS, we will create small pockets of Middle-earth for you to travel through. While anxious not to spoil the movie experience, we will screen footage from the film that will enhance your journey through the Riddermark and beyond. Props and dressings from the film will be displayed to further enrich the encounter. After living through the Peter Jackson experience, I can assure you that Middle-earth is real!”

Frank Mendicino, VP of Marketing for Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution is elated to present another exhibit. “We are extremely excited to build on the overwhelming success that the previous exhibit enjoyed in Toronto. And to that point, we are pleased to offer this extraordinary new adventure to significantly more fans of this film through additional seating, shows, and an overall spectacular experience.”

“Very shortly we will be moving staff and collections into the former McLaughlin Planetarium as we prepare for groundbreaking and construction for Renaissance ROM. We were fortunate to find a window of opportunity to host this exciting exhibit and are confident that it will be of interest to ROM visitors as well as fans of Middle-earth,” comments Joel Peters, Vice President, Marketing & Commercial Development.

“Bell ExpressVu is proud to bring the excitement and the entertainment of THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS EXHIBIT to Toronto,” said Paul Nathanielsz, Bell ExpressVu’s Vice President of Marketing. “The Two Towers exhibition is a true reflection of Bell ExpressVu’s commitment to deliver great content and entertainment – something we have been doing over the past five years as Canada’s largest digital TV provider.”

The exhibit is brought to you by Alliance Atlantis Motion Pictures and Bell ExpressVu and through our official media sponsors The Toronto Star, Mix 99.9 FM and Showcase Action. Special thanks to our sponsors Sharp Electronics, the official electronics sponsor, Harper Collins Canada Ltd., and HMV.

The ticket prices are as follows:

Adults (18-59 years) $15.00
Seniors (with valid seniors card) $12.00
Students (with valid student card) $12.00
Children (5-14 years) $7.50

Tickets can be purchased in advance at all TicketKing locations starting October 1, 2002 by calling 416-872-1212 or 1-800-461-3333 or by visiting (Service charges and taxes will be added for advance sales)

New Line Cinema is producing the Trilogy of films based on the much-loved novel. The second instalment of the trilogy, THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS will be released across Canada by Alliance Atlantis Motion Pictures on December 18.

Alliance Atlantis Communications Inc. is a leading vertically integrated broadcaster, creator and distributor of filmed entertainment with ownership interests in 18 specialty channels, including seven established operating channels: Showcase, Life Network, History Television, HGTV Canada, Food Network Canada, Series+ and Historia; seven recently launched developing channels: Showcase Action, Showcase Diva, IFC – The Independent Film Channel Canada, Discovery Health Channel, BBC Canada, BBC Kids, and National Geographic Channel; and four channels in which the Company has minority interests: SCREAM, The Score, PrideVision TV and One: the Body, Mind and Spirit Channel.

The Company’s principal business activities are conducted through three operating groups: the Broadcast Group, the Motion Picture Distribution Group and the Entertainment Group. Headquartered in Toronto, Alliance Atlantis operates offices in Los Angeles, London, Montreal, Dublin, Edmonton, Halifax, Shannon and Sydney. The Company’s common shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange – trading symbols AAC.A, AAC.B and on NASDAQ – trading symbol AACB. The Company’s Web site is

With more than one million customers, Bell ExpressVu is Canada’s leader in digital home entertainment and broadcasts over 275 video digital channels. Bell ExpressVu was launched in September 1997 and since then has become the largest and fastest-growing direct-to-home broadcast company in Canada. Bell ExpressVu is a limited partnership, wholly owned by BCE Inc.

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is an agency of the Government of Ontario.

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Trailer Score Details!

Robert from the Italian LOTR-site emailed us with the information that the second part of the music used in the new trailer is the main theme of Requiem for a Dream soundtrack, composed by Clint Mansell and the Kronos Quartet. So it’s not from Howard Shore’s new soundtrack for TTT, just so you know…

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TTT Trailer in Quicktime!

For those of you that do not or can not look at the trailer in RealPlayer-format; both and LightsoutEntertainment have links to quicktime-versions of the trailer that are quite good! [] []

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TTT Trailer Madness!

Take a look at our shot-by-shot trailer description for those who haven’t seen it yet. [More]

And if you own RealOne (get it for free) you can download it right here if you follow this link! [More] Thanks to Matt for that!

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New TTT Trailer Description

Screencaps to follow, for now Take a look at these shot by shot images we have now!

Opening Shot: New Line Logo

Flying shot over the Misty Mountains

Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas overlooking Rohan country…vast, greencovers hills with rocky terrain.

Riders approach them over the horizon, surround the three

Eomer: ‘What business does an Elf, a Man and a Dwarf have in the Riddermark?…Speak quickly!’

Aragorn raising his hands..

Aragorn: ‘We tracked a band of Uruk-Hai, westwards across the plains’

Shot of screaming Uruk Hai

Aragorn: (V/O) ‘They’ve take two of our friends captive’

Shot of Merry and Pippin on the ground looking at eachother

Eomer’s men relax their guard around the three…

Eomer: ‘Look for your friends, but do not trust to hope, it has forsaken these lands…’

Shot of light coming through trees…


Shots of the swampy marchland and horrible raggad terrain with Frodo and Sam walking on it

Sam: ‘We’re lost…I don’t think Gandalf meant for us to come this way…’

Frodo: ‘He didn’t mean for alot of things to happen Sam’

Amazing sequences of Gandalf and the Balrog fighting after the fall in Moria…suddenly a white flash!

And Gandalf is standing with Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas in a forest.

Aragorn: ‘It cannot be!’

Gandalf, dressed in white stands before them…Legolas bows

Gandalf: ‘I come back to you now…at the turn of the tide’


Shots fo the battle of Helms Deep

Gandalf (vO): Sauron’s forces have begun their attack, he is using Saruman to destroy your people’

Shots of Barad Dur, with a GIGANTIC eye

Shots of Orcs over rohan fields

Shot of Saruman with his Palantir, the eye within

Shot of Theoden sitting on his throne

Shot of Eowyn overlooking Rohan from up on high…her hair in the wind…

Shot of Orcs rampaging through a burnt out village

Eowyn: ‘They were unarmed, they had no warning’

Eowyn looking different from what we’ve seen

Gandalf (sitting next to Throden): ‘This is but a taste of the terror that Saruman will unleash’

Shots of Saruman and his Orcs

Shots of Theoden looking distressed

Theoden: ‘I will not risk open war’

Shots of armies gathering

Aragorn: ‘Open war is open us, weither you risk it or not’

Saruman (with Wormtongue beside him, talking with a massive army): ‘A new power is arising! It’s victory is at hand!’

AMAZING shot from Orthanc…camera crawls back through a massive amount of men!

Aragorn: It is an army bred for a single purpose, to destroy the world of men’

Shots of Theoden and Aragorn


Shots of Eowyn and Theoden on a horse

Theoden: ‘You must lead the people to Helms Deep’

Eomer: (V/O) ‘By order of the King This city must empty’

Shots of Rohan, refugees walking about and evacuating

Eowyn walking with Aragorn: ‘Where is she? The woman who gave you that jewel?’

Shot of Aragorn looking at the necklace..


Shots of Aragorn and Arwen together in a romantic embrace…almost kissing

Elrond: (V/O) ‘The alliance between Men and Elves is over, our time here is ending, Arwen’s time is ending, let her go’


Shot of GOLLUM (yes Gollum) crawling towards Sam and Frodo sleeping, a 1/4 moon behind him…

Gollum: ‘Where is it?’

He reaches for Frodo, the two Hobbits lunge for him and throw him down to the floor, Gollum hisses!

Sam: ‘Just tie him up and leave him!’

Gollum: ‘No!!!!’

Frodo: ‘You know the way to Mordor’

Gollum, on his hands and knees slowly looks up at Frodo

Shots of Frodo, Sam and Gollum in Mordor


Shot of Theoden looking at Gandalf the white

Shot of Frodo looking up with a mans hand reaching for him

MASSIVE battle scenes at Helms Deep…HUGE EXPLOSIONS and people flying about

Shots of battle at Helms Deep…Aragorn calling orders and Orcs scaling the walls…

Saruman: (V/O) ‘There will be no dawn for man…’

Shots of Eomer fighting

Shots of Orcs on WARGS in daylight over the hills

Shot of Frodo with Sting in his hands, very angry

Sam: (V/O) ‘It’s the Ring, it’s taken over you’

Shot of Frodo walking to a pond and falling in, lifeless, into the water…Sam screams

Shots of Eowyn, Aragorn, Arwen…

Arwen: (to Elrond) ‘You have the gift of fore-sight, tell me what you have seen?’

Elrond: ‘He is not coming back’

Various shots of Aragorn on his horse, looking over hills, wind in his hair…all that

Shot of Merry and Pippin running as a MASSIVE tree scoops them up in it’s hands and carries them away!

Gandalf: ‘The defences have to hold’

Various shots of battle, including a massive Oliphaunt and Gollum jumping on someone’s back!

Aragorn: ‘They will hold’

Very quick shots of battle, Sam holding Frodo’s hand and crying, Eowyn and Aragorn

Elrond: ‘There is nothing for you here, only death’

Shot of Gandalf leading the charge through hundreds of orcs with killer spikes

Arwen: ‘There is still hope’

Shot of Shadowfax on two legs high up on the hills

Hero shot of Aragorn opening those doors



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Streaming Trailer and Frame by Frame

The trailer is on the Official site. Its not downloadable, but it is streaming! Check it out. And heck, they beat us to a frame by frame too! We’ll post one later tonight or tomorrow when we can get some better pictures. In the meantime, jump on over to the official site. [More]

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Trailer Out For AOLers Now!

For those lucky AOLers, go ahead and watch the entire NEW TTT Trailer now! Keyword: Lord of the Rings and follow the links!

For everyone else, I’ve seen the trailer and, as we reported WORD FOR WORD over 5 days ago. Take a look here! [More]

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