For the third year we are pleased to announce we will be having a Glass Hammer presence. This year Steve Babb joins us to talk about how Tolkien has influenced his life as an artist. Steve is the bassist \ vocalist \ keyboardist for Glass Hammer, and writes the majority of the group’s lyrics.

Steve will present Glass Hammer’s latest videos: “The Way To Her Heart” and “Mirkwood”. “The Way to Her Heart” was the group’s first video, shot back in 1993 and features a cast of Elven maidens and a heartsick Ranger. The final edit of the video has never been seen by the public, and will be debuted at Dragon*Con 2002. “Mirkwood” is a music video of one of the tracks on “The Middle Earth Album”, and features a little girl lost in an Elven forest. The first showing of “Mirkwood” will also occur during Steve’s visit to Dragon*Con.

Glass Hammer was founded in 1993 by Steve and co-writer Fred Schendel. The group has had six releases, including two with heavy Tolkien influences, “Journey of the Dunadan” and “The Middle-earth Album”. Glass Hammer’s seventh title “LEX REX” is set for an October release, as is another Babb and Schendel project named “David and Goliath – The Musical”. A one hour documentary and music video collection is also set for a fall release, and features the group’s two new Tolkienesque videos.

For more information, please visit the band’s official site [Glass Hammer].