From: LAO

Just saw an article in the Wall Street Journal (page W7) about some scuffling between Miramax and Dreamworks over their new DiCaprio films both coming out on Christmas, and saw the following regarding some of “Gangs of New York” difficulties:

“The filmakers recently determined the movie’s [Gangs of New York] score, composed mostly by Oscar-winner Elmer Bernstein, needs work. Miramax has enlisted the help of another composer, Howard Shore, who won an Oscar last year for scoring “The Lord of the Rings.” As a result of the late tinkering with the music, Miramax estimates it won’t have a finished print of Gangs until Dec. 5. A spokeswoman for Mr. Scorcese says there are no problems. ‘Marty’s just putting together a combination of music that he feels is best for the film,’ she says.”