Ok folks, let’s face it ; ) There are a lot of serious gamers out there! There has also been a serious dearth of LOTR inspired games for many years. Now that The Fellowship of the Ring is out, we’ve been treated to many new games in several genres. In light of all the enthusiasm out there, we’ve asked several folks in to give us the latest information on their games: what they are, how they are played, what kind of tournament action is available, collector’s information, and perhaps even some demonstrations and tips. We hope you’ll drop by one of our gaming sessions and see what exciting new games are out there.

Games Workshop will be bringing us previews of their new tabletop game modules in two sessions. These intricately detailed miniature figurines come in various sets that relate to different parts of LOTR. We will be seeing the new Two Towers game set, including passarounds of actual game pieces and learn of the new scenarios.

Universal Interactive is also slated to visit twice, with a preview of their new Middle-earth inspired video console games. The LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring game will be built for all major gaming platforms. We’ll see production shots and views of finished portions of the game, due out this fall.

For Games Workshop and Universal Interactive session times, check the [Schedule]!