From: AC

A brief review of Viggo’s recent exhibit at the Robert Mann gallery in NYC appears in the recent issue of “The New Yorker” under Photography:

“After wading through this group of meditative images of dogs running or growling at each other and of children covered in home-drawn tattoos, one shouldn’t be faulted for jumping at the sight of a pointy-eared elf in a forest glen. Mortensen, a would-be Renaissance man who writes poems, makes paintings, takes photographs, and plays hunks in movies, is best known for his role of the stern Aragorn, a rare human in the recent film “Lord of the Rings.” In fact, his Middle Earthling photos, taken on location in New Zealand, are some of the most affecting in the show — a little bit creepy and nicely surprising.”

The photo in question is Chetwood Forest #3, 2000, and is actually of a Hobbit, not an elf (Dominic’s body double to be exact). At least the reviewer liked the photo I bought at the opening.