L.S-B, BtW and Orcress send in another report from Howard Shore’s concert in Los Angeles last night.

I’ve just gotten back from the Hollywood Bowl concert of Howard Shore’s LotR:FotR and I can only say one word: STAGGERING!

This was the event of the year for the Bowl. John Mauceri (conductor) handled the orchestra and chorus with impeccable skill. The depth and emotion of Shore’s work was simply unbelievable. The audience was spellbound by this truly amazing performance. I am not exaggerating when I tell you I had tears in my eyes and I was definitely not alone.

Professor Tolkien, who urged others to take up paint and music to interpret his works, would have been proud to see what his writings have inspired. Those of us in Los Angeles that were able to attend tonight or last night’s performance should feel privileged. It will eventually be part of a larger work once the other two films in the series are complete. I look forward to seeing the complete result hopefully in 2004.

Here’s to creativity, vitality, and genius…