Ringer Spy jayjay got back from the Christopher Lee booksigningevent in London and share’s her report with us!

Let it be known that no other movie could get me to sit on the pavement in a busy London street for 4 hours! – But I’ve made it and I’m now back, slight back-ache but happy – *phew*! Not that I was ever NOT going to go – It’s not so easy for us UK TORnadoes to meet the cast and having read all those Comic-Con reports with green eyes in the last few days, I eagerly went Saruman hunting this morning.

Got to Forbidden Planet at 1pm and already there was a queue of about 50 people – the windows were bedecked with FOTR goodies and the film was showing inside. Unfortunately, not any amount of begging or eye fluttering could persuade the good people of FP that I could get my own (preordered, Region 1, already 13 days owned and loved) copy signed. No – I definitely had to buy another copy because access to the Wizard was by receipt only “it’s the rules”… Oh well – so now I have two!

The queue stretched on and on throughout the day much to the amusement of onlookers and I passed the time with my tattered copy of TTT. Several film crews came up and down the line including Liquid News..must turn it on – see if I’m in the footage :)…who were asking earth-shattering questions like “Have you already bought the DVD ? Why is buying the DVD important to you ?” Also – The Disney Channel, as Saruman and Voldemort are battling it out for Best Villain in their Awards -“Who do you think is the nastiest?” etc!

When the time came to let us inside a young girl stuck her head in the door, wrinkled her nose and said “Oh, it’s only the old man!” *ppppppffffff*

To cut a long day short – there are no exclusives here 🙂 Christopher Lee was a true gent – chatting and smiling with everyone. Although in the end, I did get my original cover signed ..there’s no space to sign on this cover design he said – after finally settling on Frodo’s chest (!)… I didn’t offer both up – ninnyhammer! – Just because it SAID only one item per person, didn’t mean I shouldn’t have tried! (At the train station, I met another guy who did the same, so we can smack our heads together!). There were 100s of fans waiting still and the finger of the claw of Mordor will be suffering from much writers cramp later methinks!