Moochie sent in this report from Comic-Con in San Diego:

San Diego had three incredibly special guests at today’s Comic-Con convention:
Elijah Wood, Billy Boyd, and Dominic Monaghan!!

Yes, that’s right folks all the con-ventioneers are still walking around in a daze right now. Lucky for me, Moocholas, I live here, and am able to fly back home on cloud nine can post.

During New Line Cinema’s Panel today at 1pm pacific , attended by 4300, yes OVER FOUR THOUSAND peeps in the room, they had three incredibly special guests!!!

Richard Taylor’s wonderful, funny, full of anecdotes , presentation on Weta and all the effects as well as shooting stories with the crew, and cast.(more on this later, he really did an incredible job both days) Two Towers Trailer, short film with PJ saying he promises to make it to San Diego and the Con someday- Go us!!! Panel is almost over when Richard announces “We have three other special guests we’d like to introduce.. ”

(And the rather large group of fanclub members who each had sworn never to tell anybody else, all smiled knowingly)



DOMINIC MONAGHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Wild screams for a minute or two)

Imagine someone screaming “FIRE!!!! ” , and you start to get the picture!!!

Very large rush to front. Cameras going nuts. Don’t think anyone fainted, but couldn’t see all the way back. A Massive sea of people!!

All three Boys smiling ear to ear. Very surprised and delighted.

They all look great, long hair, jeans, 2nd day beard growth. Billy is visibly sunburn. (hey, get some SPF 45 there Billy, this is California) Dom is very tan, Elijah is still pale (apparently knows enough to get SPF45) and looking terrific.

Suddenly, Elijah jumps on the chair, onto the Table back down the other side’s chair so he can get to the very back of the stage where he whips out his digital camera and starts to take OUR picture (can only imagine how cool it looked from up there) He stops, says “EVERYBODY SMILE AND SAY CHEESE”

which of course we didn’t do- NOT !!!!

we all screamed and jumped and laughed for that picture-

There was a constant crowd sitting on the floor in the front, taking pictures, and giving security a lot of work. People asked some questions but mostly, they were of the “Can I have your autographs?” kind. As one lucky young man came up to get his cast autographs Dominic said ” Everyone in this room hates you now.” Then Richard Taylor added, “But in an hour, he will be down on the exhibit floor, and everyone knows who he is .”

They were running out of chairs on stage and Lawrence Makoare (Lurtz) at one point felt the need to sit on the poor young man’s leg. “Wow” said Billy Boyd, “That’ll leave a bruise”

Richard was also happy to point out the young man’s great natural Hobbit hair. “Yeah, ” he replied, “They call me a Hobbit.”

Elijah Wood was reminded how just a year ago, he could peruse the exhibit floor, un-noticed for the most part, and now his life was changed. How had it changed?

Elijah responded, that for the most part, he still led a fairly normal life, going out and about , though getting recognized more often. However in a situation like the Con, with 4000 Ringers in front of him, he could hardly go thru the exhibit hall anymore, it would just be too much.

They were asked to show their tattoos. (No they didn’t) But they indicated where each of them had there’s. Apparently Dominic had a small laps of memory when he start to point to his trousers, but then remembered it was on his right upper arm, Billy’s on his ankle and Elijah on his, (quote) “Torso”

Very Very sorry to anyone who is kicking their dog right now for not coming to the Con. WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!