With the relaunch of Heren Istarion in June, with many thanks to the Staff of TheOneRing.net, we would like to announce its first major contest with that relaunch.

Previously announced on www.herenistarion.org is an opportunity for fans to join and be entered to win a copy of Gary Russell’s The Art of The Fellowship of the Ring, which is an open contest right now. Also every 10th membership application recieved will recieve a free hobbit sized membership package. We have had many inquiries into our wizard sized package the largest of our selections. It is not available as of yet, since we do not have a logo, we have at Heren Istarion our ‘sigil’ seen on the top of our main page, but no logo for the T-shirt. Courtesy of Sideshow Toy and Houghton Mifflin they have supplied some great prizes for everyone to win. With each prize comes membership to Heren Istarion, 1st Prize will receive the Saruman statue andWizard Sized Membership, 2nd Prize will recieve a Gandalf bust anda Man Sized membership package, and 3rd prize will receivean autographed copy of Gary Russell’s The Art of The Fellowship of the Ring and a Hobbit sized Membership package.

All you have to do is log onto our site, follow the Design our Wizard T-shirt link located below the Fellowship pic to read our design specifications and rules for entry.

Good Luck.

In Fellowship,

Anthony S Burdge

Chairman Heren Istarion