Oscar parites weren’t the only thing we were covering that fateful weekend in March. TheOneRing.net’s Asfaloth and Quickbeam (TORn Digital West) were at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles to cover the New Zealand celebration of film hosted by the Ambassador of New Zealand and atteneded by most of the cast of FOTR! We’ve got interviews with Sean Astin, Sean Bean, Billy Boyd, Dominic Monaghan, Peter Jackson, and Orlando Bloom!

Orlando stopped by and chatted with Quickbeam about his character and how he prepares for it. Take a look at this Exclusive interview! Watch Orlando say ‘Hello you’re logged onto TheOneRing.neck! (don’t ask)

You can download 2 versions of the interview, high speed users download the larger file, modem users download the other.

HighSpeed Connection:16.5M (left) Modem Connection: 886K (right)

A special thanks to our staffers Asfaloth and Quickbeam for bringing us such a great interview!