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Archive for July, 2002

Bonus Limited-edition Book with FoTR DVD in Oz?

We have received unconfirmed reports that sales of the FoTR theatrical DVD at David Jones in Australia may include a bonus mystery limited-edition book. [More]

If anyone can either confirm or debunk this rumour, e-mail me!

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Bonus Limited-edition Book with FoTR DVD in Oz?

K writes: A friend of mine was asking staff at David Jones (Woden, ACT, Australia) if they took pre-orders for FOTR. They said no, because they had a limited edition book which would be given out on a first-in, first-served basis to people buying FOTR once it’s released.

I’ve heard nothing about this anywhere else. I pre-ordered my copy from the ABC Shop and nothing was said about any gift with the DVD or video. I’m hoping I’ll get a copy and they just aren’t mentioning it because they can’t guarantee every pre-order will get it.

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Lifetime Tolkien Society Membership for Mortensen and Boyd

Heren Istarion (The New York Smial of the Tolkien Society) recently presented Viggo Mortensen and Billy Boyd with lifetime membership and a bust of their respective characters. Just click on the Fellowship image on the main page to view the report. [More]

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Tom Thumb and Thumbelina

The animated film Tom Thumb and Thumbelina will be available on VHS and DVD August 6. This movie featured Elijah Wood’s voice as Tom Thumb. Thanks to Wizardlex for the information.

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More on those FoTR DVD Extras

Quinn and Wizardlex wrote in to add to VenusXL’s comments about the extra’s on the FOTR theatrical DVD. [More]

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FOTR DVD Extras Review

Quinn took the time to write this review of the Extras on the newly released FOTR theatrical DVD.

“I got my preview copy this afternoon and I’m afraid I have to agree with VenusXL. The film itself looks amazing and sounds better but the ‘extras’are terrible. No commentary is just unforgivable. The features are just recycled bits that we’ve all seen a zillion times and which were just different versions of each other anyway. The web snippets are better but most real fans will have seen them already. Only the TT preview is worth the price of admission and it is great.

The casual fan who doesn’t know that this is just a tease for the November version (as is now abundantly clear) is probably going to be wondering why this monster film that they spent untold millions of dollars to make ended up with such a lightweight DVD version. Then again though, maybe they will have not seen those ET TV special things already. They’ll definitely be hunting all over the place for the commentary though. I sure was. I somehow missed that there would not be a commentary on this one and tried every menu I could find looking for it.”


Alexis also sent in this review:
This is what the new TV Guide Aug 3-9 2002 had to say about the Lord of the Rings DVD in their Now Showing on Video and DVD column:

The Lord of the Rings
(VHS and DVD, available August 6)

The first installment of Peter Jackson’s visually stunning adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy trilogy is a magical spectacle that makes the realm of Middle-earth seem utterly fantastic yet completely real. The elaborate DVD is truly one to rule them all, loaded with documentaries and a preview of the December 2002 “Rings” movie.

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Toys R Us Poster Deal

Cheryl writes: After reading your report about Toys R Us giving out four posters with a reserved copy of LOTR, I decided to go check out a Toys R Us in my area (Raleigh, North Carolina). Sure enough, with a $5 reserve fee, we received our 4 posters, and didn’t even have to wait until we picked up the DVD!

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Lord Of The Rings Look-a-like Contest Winners!

After much deliberation, staff have evaluated all of our entries and with extreme difficulty picked three winners from an entry list of over 400! The standard of the entries, as with all our previous competitions was excellent, proven by the winners themselves. [More]

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FOTR DVD Shipping With Columbia House Club

Albie writes: I pre-ordered my copy of Fellowship from Columbia House DVD club. According the the order summary on their website, it has already shipped. I called their customer service line at it said it shipped Friday, 7/26. If that’s correct, it should be arrive by the middle of the week.

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More Wallgreens Info

Wretch dropped us a line to say that Walgreens in Denver, CO. have the DVD but they won’t sell it til the release date. Also llynn1 claims that the VHS is on sale in her local Walgreens in Florida (no address given).

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FOTR DVD Available At CD-WOW

Victoria writes: Walgreens isn’t the only place letting people get their hands on the DVD early. We had a lovely surprise when the DVD came in the 1st post this morning from CD-WOW and it only cost £14.99 including postage and packing.

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FOTR DVD Commercial On TNT

DarSpi writes: While watching “Witchblade” on TNT last night, I spied a commercial for the LoTR: FoTR DVD release. As if I haven’t been counting the hours for the last three months or so. Thought you and the Ringer community might like to know.

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