Rayvah writes: I was just walking into Barnes & Noble the other day and right in the doorway was a large cardboard stand up of none other than our very own Legolas! Its similar to the Gandalf stand-up that was out last Christmas in design. Except – it’s Legolas. The stand up features a cardboard book holder that contains copies of the new cover realease of the Lord of the Rings paperback. Previously, there has been a large Trade Paperback copy of all three books with a ring wraith outlined in blue on the cover.

Recently they released a book with Gandalf on the cover in the same format. It looks very nice! (The book… but, ah, the stand-up too!

raptortalon writes: I work at a Boston area Barnes & Noble Booksellers and I noticed a large cardboard stand-up of Legolas with The Two Towers movie logo. The stand-up display had copies of the LotR in hardcover with a Fellowship movie image of a towering Gandalf in Bag End on the cover.