We’ve found it: the worst piece of unofficial merchandise ever whose sole purpose is to cash in on the success of The Fellowship of the Ring. What is it? Well Gollumayee from Singapore has sent in these pictures of..wait for it..the Frodo Pocket Facial Tissue Paper. Ever wondered what Frodo would look like beside Conan the Barbarian and the Grim Reaper? Wonder no more!

‘This must take top prize for “worst fake LOTR product”: Frodo Pocket Facial Tissue paper! Found it at a neighbourhood sundries shop in Singapore. It costs S$2 (about US$1) for 48 packets. There’s no manufacturing info on the packets but it’s probably made in Malaysia or Indonesia.

The tissue comes in 2 designs: both have haunted-looking Bagginses and bony “ringwraiths”; one has a pink-and-purple “Gandalf’ while the other depicts a green screaming Gandalf/Gimli hybrid beside Conan the Barbarian (Boromir?), and a “palantir”-gazer who definitely doesn’t look like Saruman. Please tell me that bow-wielding guy/gal isn’t meant to be Legolas! Truly the shadow grows longer…’