Lots of people wrote in about play.com and the DVD situation. Apparently Play.com are indeed shipping Region 1 copies of LOTR: FOTR, but only Region 1. People who have Region 2 copies on order are still waiting for their orders to begin processing.

Matt writes:
“My own order is listed as processing, and checking my online bank shows that they have taken the cash out (which they don’t do until they ship). They always seem to ship as soon as their stock arrives rather than have it sit their in the warehouse for ages.

Strangely, this only ever happens with R1 DVD’s, which seem to arrive at Play some time prior to street date … whereas their R2 DVD stock tends arrive with them on the street date, and hence arrive a few days late at the final customer. So it’s only those who ordered the R1 version from Play that will be getting it within the next couple of days.

Cool 🙂 *big grin*!”

Fergus also adds:

“I use play.com quite a lot. Normally if it says it is in stock they are shipping the item (they often recieve shipments early – especially from the States – and they usually ship as it arrives, instead of waiting until the release date – this is one of the reasons that they are very popular!).

I have pre-ordered mine from there but I ordered the region 2 disc which is still showing as “due on the 6/8/02″ My guess is that anyone who ordered the region 1 version will get it very soon!”

Thanks to everyone who wrote in!