Comic-Con 2002: Huzzah!

From Wednesday evening, July 31st, to Sunday evening, August 4th, the doors of the San Diego Convention Center will be flung wide (metaphorically speaking) to welcome the public for the Grendel of all pop-culture conventions, Comic-Con. The annual event showcases exhibitors, programs, and events of all types of pop culture: comics of course, but also cartoons, books, games, movies, and more. Last year we could see the rising tidal wave of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies swelling in the distance, and now the tsunami hits this convention full force with a formal Tolkien Pavillion and daily LotR/Tolkien programming.

At Ccon 2001 did a one-hour presentation and met lots of great folks [Scrapbook] [News]. This time around, we host the weekend’s kick-off Tolkien event, a two-hour fest for a crowd capacity of 3,000! Our presentation will feature some of the ins and outs of TORn, behind the scenes information on The Fellowship of the Rings and The Two Towers, and of course, Lord of the Rings movie images, news scoops, trailer footage, and more. At the end of the presentation we’ll host a question and answer panel and have some time to meet and greet TORn and LotR fans from around the globe. Our Really Big Show will be Thursday evening, 5 – 7 pm. [Thursday Programming]

TOR.n is thrilled this year to host our very own booth for the weekend, too. You won’t miss our arch and presence at the Tolkien Pavillion, which will be loaded with great Lord of the Rings movie packages, parcels, and paraphernalia. Also holding court at the Pavillion will be Sideshow/Weta, Houghton-Mifflin, Decipher, Games Workshop, Electronic Arts, and possibly others. And did I mention that we’re strategically located near the one of the concessions locations… always important to hobbits. Our booth will be run by TORn staff and volunteers from around the country and we hope you stop by to pay a visit.

We’ve already reported that Dominic Monaghan (Merriadoc Brandybuck) and Weta’s Richard Taylor will be in attendance at the Con. You never know who else might just show up! Thursday and Saturday will also feature Comic-Con-hosted showings of The Fellowship of the Ring at a local cinema. Other great Tolkien events include a panel with theDouglas Anderson, author of The Annotated Hobbit, Revised and Expanded Edition (out in September!!); Richard Taylor and Weta; New Line; and the list goes on. [Friday Programming]

For more information on Comic-Con 2002, check ‘em out online. [More]

See you in San Diego!