sethdove writes: Hi from Greece, the land of the FREE! I use the word “free” because when you buy a Greek magazine you get everything for free: videotapes, bags, umbrellas… even DVDs!!!

Well, National Geographic’s “Lord of the Rings” Beyond the Movie given away for free with the last issue of a magazine called “Hi-Tech”!!!

I bought it, costs only €7.30…

I also saw a poster at a video store that said: On the 6th of August all video stores across the country will open at midnight! The customers that’ll buy the DVD in the first minute, they’ll be handed something special”

I really don’t know what this means… but sounds cool, eh? I’ll let you know…

And here’s something that I don’t know its origin but it’s cool anyway!

Here’s a pic from a brown leather pouch with “The Lord of the Rings” written on it with golden letters, that I got from a guy that sells movie posters.