More Tolkien goodness on air today, for those of you who missed the first episode last week. It seems there’s plenty more to come! This came in from Norin Bronzear:

“Today on Passport to Middle-earth we will discuss the matter of the Dwarves. You thought the Dwarves were the least interesting of the people of Middle-earth? Well you should tune in then to discover they have a quite fascinating history and play an important role in Tolkien’s mythology. We will uncover the mysteries of their awakening (Did they awake before or after the Elves? When did they come to Beleriand?). We will describe and review the history of their various “colonies” (There were Seven houses? Where did they all go?). We will also explore in depth the rise and fall of Khazad-dum, and attempt to resolve the enigma regarding the Dwarf women: did they have beards or not?

And much more. We hope you will join our growing audience!

“You can listen to us on CJMQ 88.9 FM in the Sherbrooke area (Quebec, Canada) or via the internet here this Wednesday from 4pm – 6pm eastern time.”

They also have a “work-in-progress-website” at Posted in:

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