Rob Inglis presents a solo dramatisation of
By JRR Tolkien

A compressed version of the trilogy

Actor Rob Inglis will be performing “The Lord of The Rings” at The Shaw Theatre at 3pm on Sundays July 7,14, 21 and 28. In a compressed version of the trilogy, concentrating on the mission of Frodo and Sam to destroy the ring of power, he portrays seventeen characters.

” ….a feat worthy of Heracles. I marvelled at the stamina…But there is a deeper courage in the adaptation. He refuses to over simplify, and shows a respect for Tolkien’s work I find remarkable.” JENNY SMITH in AMON HEN

“A miracle” is how The Scotsman critic described the show when it was first launched at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Mel Gussow of the New York Times, called it “an epic adventure”. Rayner Unwin, Tolkien’s first publisher, described the performance as “A bravura achivement…he never looses the flavour of the original”.e

It took Inglis a year to compress the one thousand and eighty pages down to a two hours’ show. Since then he has made a 54 hours’ recording of the trilogy unabridged for Recorded Books, New York, recently released by Harper Collins. He has also recorded “The Hobbit” and for his stage version of it received the Edinburgh Festival Times ‘Best Solo’ Award.

With The Royal Shakespeare, National and Cygnet Theatre Companies Rob Inglis has played Dr Faustus, Falstaff and doubled as the ghost and Claudius in the Theatre of Cruelty’s “Hamlet”. He recently played Dr Jahuda in a UK tour of “Hysteria”. In the first London season of “Oliver!” he played Mr Bumble, and was The Miller in the musical version of “The Canterbury Tales”. Screen work includes Professor Doom in the BBC TV’s “Wizbit” series, and Zefirelli’s “Jesus of Nazareth”.

Not suitable for younger children.

The Shaw Theatre, The Bernard Shaw Park Plaza Hotel, 100-110 Euston Rd,
3pm Sundays July 7,14,21,28.
Box Office 0207 3876864