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Archive for June, 2002

An Empire Feeds a Hunger for Fantasy

“Over the winter, the box office was dominated by two rather similar young men, one at an English boarding school, the other in the meticulously mapped Anglo-Saxon dreamworld of Middle Earth.” Thanks to Frodos_Girl13 for sending in the link. [More]

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Remember that old record?

I don’t know about you, but I had that old Rankin-Bass record album of “The Hobbit” completely worn out before I was a teenager. After that, it became harder and harder to find. Well, I have found the next best thing to owning it! Check out this site full of the old images and iron on decals from the record! [More]

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Getting Gandalf’s signature is a pleasant experience!

According to this list, Sir Ian McKellen gives out his John Hancock with a smile! Thanks to Kenneth for mailing this one in! [More]

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The Geeks Shall Inherit

‘Ten years ago, The Lord of the Rings was a cult novel and Star Wars was a popular film with a devoted but relatively marginal group of fans. The rise of the Internet has changed all that, and made fandom a force to be reckoned with.’ [More]

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Take a chance……..and win BIG!

Don’t forget the LOTR Look-a-Like contest is still up and running! Please, Don’t feel like you have to be an identical twin to a cast member, if you even look slightly like Hugo Weaving, or a little like Cate Blanchett, it’s worth a shot. What have you got to lose? You might win an awesome prize! So enter today! [More]

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Ian Holm Interview on NPR

NPR has an interview with Ian Holm (Bilbo) about his role in The Emperor’s New Clothes. It’s about four minutes long and you need Real Player to listen to it. Kris writes that Ian also discusses his role as Bilbo. [More]

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Topps Movie Cards: Update Edition

Topps is releasing an update edition of its FoTR movie cards in August. “This 72-card, all foil-stamped series will feature all-new imagery from the first film, a special The Two Towers Preview, Behind-The-Scenes artwork and exclusive Memorabilia Cards!” Thanks to Lady Arwen for the link. [More]

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MTV Movie Awards to Show in Australia

Bronwyn writes: I’m just e-mailing to let you know that the MTV movie awards will be broadcast in Australia for those of us without access to cable on free-to-air TV on July 4th (next Thursday) on Channel 10 at 9:30pm.

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Sightings: Harry Potter vs. The Hobbit

This article from Sharon looks at the the differing religious reactions to the Harry Potter movie and the Fellowship of the Ring. [More]

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Bloom makes it to NZ briefly.

According to a story in OrlandoMultimedia, Bloom took a weekend break from the Aussie movie set for Ned Kelly to go visit his LOTR friends in NZ. [More] Thanks to Hiram for the link.

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Jackson’s King Kong dream lives?

According to FilmJerk, Peter Jackson’s long-deferred dream of making another King Kong movie could come true once ROTK is finished. [More] Thanks to Lee for the link.

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What Are The Two Towers?

A lot of fans new to Tolkien’s literature (and some not so new) have been mailing in asking ‘what oh what are the Two Towers? What are the incredibly foreboding towers in the new poster, and what do they represent?’ Well, the staffers at Green Books answered these very questions not so long ago, and it seems fitting in the light of the recent trailers and posters to refer back to the answer of our learned colleagues. Be warned though: the answer is not a straightforward one. [More]

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