News from Ford of Rivendell: has some new things to check out. On the main page there’s a picture of Frodo (Elijah Wood) and the ring, it says “November DVD release; Preview the new Special Extended Edition of The Fellowship of the Ring!” Then when you move your mouse over it: “Get your first look at the Special Extended Edition DVD release of The Fellowship of the Ring! Preview the extensive DVD menus, listed bonus materials and the Collectors DVD Gift Set!”
You click on it and it takes you to a different page and also opens a new window. The different page has information about the theatrical release, with a new link to the extended version. The other window has the information about the Special Extended Edition. You can click on either Platinum Series Special Extended DVD Edition, Special Extended VHS Edition, or Collectors DVD Gift Set. When you click on each one it gives you information about what each comes with.
There is also a new picture link to the page about the MTV Movie Awards.”

We may have reported this before but it doesn’t hurt to mention it again….