Trey Y writes:

I found a mention of how great the upcoming 4-disc set is in an article written by a producer of the ‘added value material’ for that edition.

Robert Meyer Burnett is the director, etc., of the cult hit “Free Enterprise,” (love that movie -Xo) and these days his paying gig is producing the aforementioned ‘added value materials.’ He’s also worked on the “Snow White,” “Usual Suspects” and “Tron” DVDs.

Here’s the link, followed by a warning:

Warning: the site Burnett’s column appears on is called “Movie Poop Shoot.” It’s a new entertainment news/rumor site (similar to Ain’t It Cool News) founded by director Kevin Smith. So be aware that there is adult language on the site.

Now, so you don’t have to read the whole article, I’ll paste the part we really care about.

“Incidentally, for those of you few poor souls actually following the DVD producer road rally, let me state for the record that my boss, Michael Pellerin, the producer behind New Line Cinema’s monster DVD of Peter Jackson’s masterstroke, has conjured up, Istari-style, the single greatest DVD ever created. Or will ever be created, with the possible exception of the other two films in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. A bold statement, I know, but after you buy the f***er in November (and you will), tell me if I’m wrong.”