Ian Holm to play Napoleon Bonaparte. Again.

FrodoFan1 sent a pack of news out of this month’s Empire magazine. “After scaring the living sh*t out of audiences for that split second during LOTR, revered British actor Ian Holm is set to return to familiar ground for “The Emporor’s New Clothes.”

Holm, who previously played the “Little General” in Terry Gilliam’s Time Bandits and the British min-series Napoleon And Love, goes for the trifecta in a picture that asks that old chestnut “what if?”-in this case,”what if Bonaparte hadn’t died in exile and had to return to power.

“Directed by West Wing helmer Alan Taylor, and co-starring Blackadders Tim McInnerny, this promosises to be a classy contingency affair all round. “

In other cast news, Viggo Mortensn has pulled out of the role of corrupt preist Cesare, brother of Lucretia, in Neil Jordan’s film of the Borgia family. He is replaced by Ewan McGregor.