Algamesh sends in some very cool info about an upcoming event regarding The Two Towers books and a literary discussion about them, check it out!

My name is James Edwards (aka Algamesh) and I am the administrator of a web community known as “Tolkien’s Ring”. Tolkien’s Ring (TR) is a discussion community comprised of nearly 200 members and growing. We have been and are currently the most active Book Community on MSN Groups, according to their ranked listing, since March. Our focus is on the literary works of J.R.R. Tolkien and bits of the miscellany that accompanies it. We have just recently finished a very successful analysis of the Silmarillion – part of a Mock Middle-earth History syllabus that we have compiled. Our goal is to complete a group study of all published Tolkien literature (J.R.R. & Christopher) while posting our comments, questions, observations, and reflections concurrently.

Starting October 14th, we will begin a study of “The Two Towers” in tribute to the upcoming cinema event, conducted at Tolkiens Ring.