Ever wonder what happened to our Reviews page? You know, the one where you could go and write your own review of the film and submit it TORN? And then we had to read it through, check it was a real review [i.e you’d spent more than 3 seconds thinking about it and didn’t just rate everything five stars automatically] and OK to post up [i.e. no $@#^*%& words] in which case we posted it.

Well it was more than a nine-day wonder. Six months after the movie came out, we’ve reviewed over 15,000 reviews and posted over 13,000 of them. Despite the limit of 5000 characters, the record so far is 30,000 characters – which is not always a bad thing. We’re running a contest for the best review (and this comment is in no way intended to encourage you to turn out in force to write us some more!) and if there is such a category as “longest review” (no there isn’t, don’t try) the winner is Talimon, whose review you can see here He stands a good chance in the overall-winner stakes according to Arathorn, who’s approved 1000 reviews today and a further 4000 over the past 6 months and who is therefore the Reviews King.