Hullo, Middle Earthlings!

Three things:

First, Middle Earth (Stern Grove) may be cold this weekend…really cold and foggy; don’t forget to bring warm cloaks and leggings.

Second, as this is a potluck, if folks do not bring good food, hobbits shall go hungry. And hungry hobbits are not a pretty sight. So far, we have a strawberry salad made by an elf; peanut butter cookies donated by a Nazgul; and bread pudding, some sausages (more would be better) and a mushroom/vegetable dish cooked by a hobbit. But, at least 35 people are expected, so this food will be stretched VERY thin. If you can’t cook, or don’t have time, please bring store-bought food or drinks.

And third,hereis the URL to our picnic web site, which has a food sign-up and directions/more information

Parking will be a bear: if you can use public transportaion, it would be best. Of course, public transportation makes lugging things difficult. Carrying things down into the grove itself may prove to be difficult, so perhaps hefty people at the picnic will be willing to volunteer to help the newly arrived with loads?:)

Embarrassing admission: I’m having trouble accessing our web site due to my own proxy server; if you’re having trouble, too, you can also try the URL for Stern Grove and its lovely summer long FREE music festival:
Directions & Map & Parking (or lack thereof)
To recap: we will be in the East Meadow of Stern Grove from 11am to 4pm this Saturday, June 15th; there will be a Lembas cook-off, and the judging will take place at 1pm (all entries should be submitted by 12:30pm), and prizes will be awarded to the best elf-chef; there may be a swordfight demonstration, courtesy of the Cloondara Shire; and costumes are encouraged, but not required.

This will be a day to remember!


Yarrow (

P.S. Someone, please bring a camera! Perhaps we can post pictures on the Web.