From: Colleen There’s a brief blurb about Elijah Wood and Try Seventeen in the July issue of Premiere magazine, page 36.

There is a picture of EJW in a tux, probably taken at the AFI awards last January.

And for My Next Act…

“This is not a teen movie,” Elijah Wood says of this latest project, Try Seventeen. “People hear ‘coming-of-age’ and ‘Mandy Moore’ [his costar], and it’s like a bell goes off.” Wood plays a 17-year-old freshman who never actually attends a class at his “massive state university”, loosely based on Kansas but filmed in Vancouver. Instead, he rents an off-campus apartment and goof off with other tenants (including A Walk to Remember’s Moore). The romantic comedy, which he likens to the character-centric Ghost World, marks Wood’s second acting excursion since shooting the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which lasted an epic 16 months. The first, Edward Burn’s mafia tale Ash Wednesday, “was just what I needed coming back from New Zealand. The whole story takes place in Hell’s Kitchen over 24 hours. I only worked eight days.”
-Brooke Hauser

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