The Lembas Cookoff/Potluck Picnic will be this Saturday, June 15th, in San Francsico’s lovely Stern Grove from 11:00am – 4:00pm. Soon there will be a link to a website with directions, exact meadow, and food/drink sign up sheet. PLEASE email me and let me know how many people will be attending. It will help in the planning.

Lembas Cook-off (or Bake-off): you don’t have to participate, of course, but do try! Use your imagination. Is Lembas a cookie, a doughnut, a wafer, or flatbread? Is it sweet or spicey? You may want to make enough “wafers” or “cookies” or “cake squares” to feed at least 25: everyone attending has a hand in the judging, and should get a taste. And, if you’d kindly write out your recipe and its rationale (“I chose habanara chilis as the main ingrediant in my Lembas to bank the fires of Mordor” for instance), and leave them with your hosts when you arrive, that would be great: I’d like to ask TORn to announce the winning recipes on the website, possibly with pictures.

Prizes for the Lembas Cook-off include an orc medallion from Sideshow Weta, “The Official LOTR Movie Guide” book, and other sweet stuff.

The picnic itself should be a pretty laid back, but VERY interesting affair…shorts and tank tops are quite alright, although a number of us will be somewhat dressed up in costumes (I’m wearing a hobbit skirt and vest thang, but will definitley NOT have hairy feet…well, no more hairy than usual). There MAY be small prizes for those in Middle Earth attire.

As the Cloondara Shire is helping to organize, you should be treated to a swordfight demonstration andpossibly live LOTR music. If you are a Bard or Musician, please bring your music and stories.

If you know of someone who would like to show off their Decipher LOTR game card talent and initiate gaming newbees, let me know.

To contact the organisers, email TORn Ringer “Yarrow” at

This picnic is planned in association with the Cloondara Shire Chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism and fans from and websites.