From: Peter

Thought you might be interested in a review of a play, currently on stage in Melbourne, Australia, starring David Wenham (Faramir). The title of the article is “Spine-tingling drama and acting that’s as good as it get”.

Here’s an extract:

“David Tredinnick gives a fine performance as Austin, but it is David Wenham’s night. His portrayal of Lee is about as good as acting gets.

From the moment he appears, the tension builds, suspense grows – we cannot take our eyes off him. He creates a complex character whose disregard of consequence, freedom from social constraint and suppressed rage that erupts without warning, makes us fear him much as his brother does.

Austin makes the mistake of romanticising this character, but it is part of Wenham’s triumph to reveal that beneath the sound and fury of Lee lies as tragic an emptiness as found in the true west of America’s deserts.” [More]