From: Wizardlex

According to Entertainment Newswire, Orlando will be featured in a jeans ad for The Gap set to start running April 28. He and Kate Beckinsdale (Pearl Harbor) will be featured in an ad called “Denim Invasion,” which will be directed by Cameron Crowe.

The spots debut April 28 in the United States on Law & Order, Criminal Intent and the X-Files. Throughout May, the spots can be seen during episodes of 24, West Wing, Friends, ER, Will and Grace, Felicity and the NBA Playoffs. The TV spots also will air in the United Kingdom and Canada.

The campaign was created under the direction of Lisa Prisco, the creative director behind some of Gap’s most memorable TV ads, including Khakis Swing, Khakis Groove and Khaki Soul. Prisco and the directors collaborated to create commercials that would feel like short films. Contributing to this effect is the “one take” technique, which required unedited, carefully choreographed camera movement from start to finish. In addition, each spot is set to two different soundtracks of ’60s-inspired music, creating dramatically different emotions of the same scene.

Gap’s summer campaign also includes black and white photography taken by David Strick, with images featured in Gap store windows globally and online at