News for pipesmokers – first a report from Kirby:
“Here is the website of Tom Johnson of Luna Pipes who makes long LOTR “churchwarden” pipes as you see in the movie: CrossroadUSA
He has been making these for some time out of Ash…both stems and bowls. Briar bowls on special order for just a bit more. Three sizes: “14 inch “Hobbit”, 16 inch “Strider” and 18 inch “Gandalf”. The prices are very reasonable too. $50, $65 and $75. The bowls are pre carbonized (less time for “breaking in”) and come with a fleece drawstring bag to keep them in.
I know some pipesmokers who have bought these and say they draw very smoothly and the “pipeweed” smokes very cool because of their length of stem. (longer the stem, the cooler the smoke becomes).
So if anyone is looking for a LOTR pipe that Looks like those used the movie/book…rather than a more commercial “churchwarden” with a vulcanite or acrylic long stem….then Tom Johnson has what you are looking for.
As a pipesmoker myself, I came across his site while looking for “Churchwarden” long stemmed pipes. Called him up in Seattle Washington USA and spoke with him for awhile. Very conciensus about his work and a JRR Tolkien reader himself.”

We were also contacted by Ryan MacQueen of MacQueen’s pipes. “I was on your website earlier today when I noticed your article on your search for Lord Of The Rings style pipes and I thought I may be of some help to you. I actually own a small company that designs and handcrafts pipes 100% inspired by J.R.R Tolkien’s writing and the way he described them in his books:
“In the middle of the Earth,
In the land of The Shire
Lived a brave little Hobbit,
Whom we all admire.
With his long WOODEN PIPE,
And his fluffy woolly toes,
He lives in a hobbit hole and everybody knows him,
Bilbo, Bilbo Baggins,
Only three feet tall.
Bilbo, Bilbo Baggins, The bravest little Hobbit of them all.”

“We have kept our pipes completely wooden, stem and all because of this quote. Even the pipes featured in the movie fell short of J.R.R Tolkiens original description (They were actually made from clay to speed the production of them). We pride ourselves in the quality and care that goes into every pipe crafted for people looking for a little taste of Middle Earth.We have already ran a small ad campaign with your site and are planning to continue on stronger in the near future. You can check them out at MacQueenPipes