Lee Ann wrote in: “My 17yo daughter and I found several copies of the LotR soundtrack sheet music at the Music Mart in New Mexico. The skill level for these pieces is, in my daughter’s estimation, intermediate.

“She played through “The Prophecy” and “Many Meetings,” which were both lovely arrangements and true to the soundtrack. I was glad to see the words for “The Prophecy,” since I have trouble understanding the singers on the soundtrack CD.

People can e-mail info@musicmart.com for more information.”

Elisa suggests another way to get the music: “Go to this site and type “Lord of the Rings” into the search box–there are all kinds of goodies in there! See the second page of results for the piano/vocal score we discussed.”

She added “I would guess you’d need to be about level 3 or maybe 4 to handle the piano score (which is what I have) easily. My two kids both started piano lessons in kindergarten, and my 4th grader is working on “May It Be” with little difficulty. I’ve played piano on and off all my life (and poorly), and I can sight read these. They are not really in hard keys–E Major and A Major are the most challenging ones, and they’re designed to be eminently playable (so they’ll sell, duh). “Aniron (Theme for Aragorn and Arwen)” is perhaps the most challenging–it changes time signature a couple of times (3/4 to 4/4 and back) and has a lot of accidentals–it starts in A-flat Major and ends on a D-flat chord. But it is quite short and still not what I would consider hard at all.

The vocal lines are all in the middle range, mostly in the octave above middle C.

The nicest part is the English translation of all the Elvish lyrics! “Lament for Gandalf” is given, and “Aniron.” I don’t think these are in the CD liner notes.

And Elwing wrote in: “I found a site that sells the Warner Brother’s new piano music score for LOTR here

Another site selling the music, according to Daniela, is SheetmusicPlus.com