After learning about Viggo’s book signing from TORN, I rushed down to the International Center of Photography tonight after work. In the pouring rain people began to line up. I got there at 5:30 pm and the line had already stretched out the door and around the block! We were a bit miffed that the store would only allow 20 people inside at a time but still everyone waited – no one deserted the line. We chatted as umberalls were opened and shared.

By 6:00 pm Viggo arrived (on time!) and saw everyone waiting in what was now a raging thunderstorm. This man cares for his fans! He insisted ICP bend the rules and let the fans line up inside out of the rain and they relented! Thank you Viggo for getting us in out of the rain! It was crowded and noisy but very well organized considering.

Viggo took his time with everyone who went up to ask for his signature. He signed everything presented and made everyone feel that they were special by looking into their eyes. Before you could say anything he was asking you for your name and saying thank you to you for showing up! A true gentleman! He posed for photos with anyone who asked.

Well by now he is off having dinner with Billy Boyd who is also in town and appearing out at Stony Brook at the SciFi convention being held there. I’m home and very happy to have met a truly creative man. (Thanks to Zorina for this first report about Viggo’s appearance!!)