From Nienna:

The Charlie Rose show (on PBS) interviwed the three directors nominated for both Best Picture and Best Director last night, the 22nd. He talked to PJ first for about a half hour. PJ told about their struggle to get someone to fund their movie, and trying to find someone that would let them make three movies all at once, ultimatly leading them to New Line. He also
talked about casting, how important they knew this was going to be to the fans of Lotrs and how they decided on Ian Mckellan to play Gandalf. Charlie asked PJ what the hardest thing about making the movie was and he told about how hard it was to have actors that had to be different sizes. How they had to have two of each set, and two of each prop, to make the different actors appear different sizes. He also talked about how this wasn’t so much of a fansaty movie, as a historical movie. He mentioned how Tolkien had written the books with the idea of creating a ancient mythology for England, and this is what set Lotrs apart from other fanasty movies. You could tell throughout the whole interview what an avid fan of the books PJ was…this came out in everything he said. I was surprised to see him on the show, which I never watch, and just heard a mention of Lotrs while channal surfing, because usually whenever anyone Lotrs related is on TV, I hear about it here first. So it may of just been a rerun.