We’ve just been notified about an exciting project being set up near Columbus, Ohio, called Baron’s Haven Freehold This should appeal to anyone interested in seeing history and fantasy come to life in a big way. Here’s their concept:

“We are preparing to build a full-sized representation of a 15th century Welsh concentric castle similar in style and grandeur to the enchanting castle Beaumaris in northern Wales. Adjacent to the castle will be a complete medieval town populated by artisans and townspeople reenacting aspects of medieval life in a Celtic border town. Authentic supporting economic and agricultural facilitieswill allow for fully sustainable and organic living.

“The facility will also feature aspects from great works of fantasy and folklore.

“There will be a high degree of accuracy in the depiction yet modern environmental, safety and health technologies will be disguised as part of the design. Surrounding the Town and Castle will be numerous smaller facilities such as monasteries, herb gardens, ruins, towers, battlefields, enchanted forests, campgrounds, wetlands, ponds and gardens. Several aspects of the operation are currently in development. These include some of the organic farming and the festival portion that would exist outside the walls of such a city in the middle ages, which is what a modern Renaissance Festival portrays.

“This is an Intentional Community based on the Eco-Village model, with a medieval theme. This is a comprehensive recreation of all aspects of life in the 15th century, while at the same time there is a separate area for fantasy and mythology for those that don’t mind the less accurate but still fun elements found in literature and film which many people associate with the period. This site will function as a film and media production facility, themed community, organic farm, living history site, theme park, campground, and an educational institution.”

Pretty interesting, huh? There’s more details on their website Baron’s Haven Freehold and you can also subscribe to a newsletter to get updates on how things are proceeding.