Lord of the Rings “FoTR” TRIVIA

Harper Collins Canada Ltd — in association with Dúnedain Multimedia, Toronto.com, Trivia Engine, and Virgin Music Canada — is launching a three-week “FoTR” trivia quest on March 11th, 12:01 am (EST). The game will be accessible via the Toronto.com web site until March 31st, 2002.

“Fellowship of the Ring Trivia” is powered by Trivia Engine — one of the four products Dúnedain Multimedia launched in the spring of 2001 — and features challenging questions about the plot line, characters, places, and the author of this classic novel.

Prizes — provided by Harper Collins and Virgin Music — will be awarded to players with the highest scores after the contest closes. Official contest rules are accessible from the game (for more details about prizes, restrictions and regulations).

There are three different games to choose from — each based on a specific segment of the book — and you can play as many times as you like before the end of the month.

Visit http://www.toronto.com/section/arts to Join The Fellowship now!!