Orlando Bloom was a guest on So! Graham Norton last night in the UK. Norton introduced him dressed as Gandalf with fake beard, staff and cheap wind effect. Norton didn’t know how to pronounce ‘Legolas’ and deliberately called him variants like Leggylooloo instead. Orlando humbly denied Graham’s suggestion that he is ‘the next Leonard DiCaprio’.

Bloom talked about his acting career, from doing theatre work to British soaps like Casualty and joked about an awfully over-acted death sequence in drama series A Midsummer’s Night Murder. This brought Orlando nicely into talking about his next role as an Irishman in the remake of ‘Ned Kelly’ with Heath Ledger of ‘A Knight’s Tale’. Norton, an Irishman himself joked that he can train Orlando with the accent if he needs it.

Norton then produced a Legolas figure still in its packaging and with some difficulty (they’re tricky buggers to get out) he handed Orlando the figure, who subsequently showed his moving action pose and attempted to fire a plastic arrow from the bow. Cybill Shepard, who was another guest, promptly took the Legolas figure and placed it between the cleavage of her dress, to the embarassment of Orlando.

Later on in the show, Orlando participated in a contest where himself, Cybil and other guest Cilla Black were appointed by Graham Norton a member of the crowd who had a strange reminder of their youth. Orlando got a person who kept their umbilical cord from birth in a box, which met with disdain from the crowd but interest from Bloom who eagerly look at it. Bloom’s crowd member lost the contest for a trip to Mexico, then the show ended in a cloud of Confetti and Brazilian dancers.