From: Mr Tadpole

There’s an article in this week’s Wellington-based Capital Times where they are interviewing NZ-Samoan actor Robbie Magasiva (Stickmen, The Strip). Partway through the article it mentions:

“I was in the third Lord of the Rings movie. I play an Uruk Hai (fighting orc) called Mahaur.”

The Lord of the Rings role meant choreographed fight scenes using axes and swords, which Magasiva thoroughly enjoyed. A downside was waking up at 5.00am to travel to the location, then spending four hours in the make-up chair. “We’d fall asleep in the chair,” Magasiva says. “Then we’d wake up and be completely transformed – sometimes you’d get a hell of a fright.” Involving extensive make-up and armour, it was a gruelling role. “Movement was restricted, and it gets hot under those lights. Between takes people brought us water so we wouldn’t faint. And we had to suck our food through a straw – that hacked me off. Here’s this multi-million dollar project, with piles of beautifully catered food, and we has to use straws to protect the make-up. I couldn’t enjoy it – and I really love my food.”