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‘Try’ing time for Millennium
Company touts upcoming romantic laffer

Touting his company’s upcoming romantic comedy “Try Seventeen,” about a collegebound youth who learns his biggest life lessons from the eccentric denizens of his apartment complex, Millennium Films co-chairman Avi Lerner offered up a succinct lesson of his own at the pic’s AFM launch party Friday night at Casa Del Mar. “It’s all about timing,” Lerner said, relishing his good fortune to have landed three youthful stars who are all in the midst of a collective hot streak.

Indeed, Elijah Wood is still conjuring box office magic in “The Lord of the Rings.” Pop star and budding thesp Mandy Moore has laid claim to teen auds with her starring role in “A Walk to Remember” and supporting stint in “The Princess Diaries.” And German thesp Franka Potente is riding her lightningflash breakthrough in “Run Lola Run” as she preps for the release of “The Bourne Identity” opposite Matt Damon.

Both Wood and Moore, on hand for Friday night’s party, were enjoying the change of pace, Moore from the high school parts she’s done and Wood from the ongoing “Rings” trilogy, for which he hasn’t kicked the Hobbit completely. He’ll be returning to New Zealand after “Try Seventeen” shoots in March for additional pickup shots on the second and third “Rings” pics as helmer Peter Jackson continues postproduction.

The Nu ImageMillennium Films party drew a sizable contingent of teens and twentysomethings as well as thesp Jean-Claude Van Damme and WMA agents Cassian Elwes and Nicole Dowd.

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