From: Hedwig

“Gorgeous, undeniably well dressed, and one of the future’s biggest stars.”

There was an article in The Times Magazine’s British Fashion Special February 16th citing Orlando Bloom as a future ‘Style icon for British men’.

The gist of the article was that David Beckham (England football [soccer] captain) is the solitary role model for British men’s fashion and they were listing the other men that could, should (and will in Orlando’s case) come up to join Beckham in flying the flag for British Fashion.

Orlando was mentioned under the title “Too Cool for School. When a cool job coincides with restraint and good taste”…”It can also help if you’ve had a cool girlfriend who can give you a few tips. Jarvis Cocker, Paul Weller, Dan Macmillan and Jefferson Hack score high in the style stakes, but don’t have a big enough profile. Perhaps the answer is Orlando Bloom. Gorgeous, undeniably well dressed, and one of the future’s biggest stars. With three Lord of the Rings movies and Black Hawk Down under his belt, over the next year he will be an international household name.”

And since Orlando is proving very popular, being mentioned as a ‘Hot Thing to look out for in 2002’ by both The Sunday Times Style Magazine and Elle Magazine (and probably countless others i haven’t read) and having his name mentioned in 23103 results in an MSN search the last time I checked, the future is looking very bright for this elf-boy! As Orlando himself said when asked ‘How does it feel to be called “the sexy elf?”…”I’ll take it. It sounds good to me.”