We’ve all be anxiously awaiting the official Decipher [Lord of the Rings Fan Club] Membership Portfolios and Decipher sent along some information about the delay.

“All the membership portfolio components are ready to go except one – the actual packing material. The previous designs (there have been more than a couple) that had been done for us failed our robustness quality tests, especially when it came to protecting the corners of the membership lithographs and keeping them flat and bend free. The latest failure was quite disappointing to us, as we thought we were there.

We have a new design in test, which is meeting corner protection expectations so far. We are awaiting its return to us through the mail. If successful, we should have our supply of these packing components filled next week, and our assembly of pieces and mail-out can begin immediately after that.

We are already tooled up to work around the clock and weekends to fulfill all mailings as soon as this packing component is obtained. And we are working on some additional secondary mailing plans just in case this latest packaging does not pass muster.

I understand this is of little consolation, but this has been a frustrating experience for us also, as we have some great product sitting here, and we just want to get it into the hands of the fans! But at the same time we are committed to providing the best protection for these high-quality lithographs that we can, as we understand that nothing would be more frustrating than receiving damaged goods after such a wait.”

It is nice to know the good folks at Decipher are taking such care to ensure the integrity of the items for us, so be patient : )