TORn staffer Berendir was watching Fox 25, on “Good Day Live” yesterday, and desperately reached for the nearest notepad as Ian McKellen got on the phone. Here are some quotes from Sir Ian’s conversation:

“I think i’ll probably celebrate tonight with a group of friend and we’ll lay down the ground rules, “no talking about the lord of the rings.”

Was everything that you have done on stage on film, and as a public advocate, how do you put this in perspective, what odes it mean to you?

“I’ve been working in the United States for a long time ever since I appeared on Broadway, I just appeared on broadway with another nominee Heather Mirren, later i’ve been allowed to be in hollywood movies, i’ve always felt a huge welcome from America. It’s a confirmation of what i’ve always knew, the brits are welcome in Hollywood, they always have been since….

“Movies are international, we’re all part of the same big family, it’s an honor, its a confirmation of friendship really.”