Brandon Gray

“The Lord of the Rings” moved up one rung to No. 7 over the February 1-3 weekend, dipping just 16 percent to an estimated $6.575 million. The total after 47 days stands at $267.145 million, putting it right on the heels of “Shrek’s” $267.665 million to become the second-highest grossing picture from 2001. On the all time chart, “Rings” now ranks No. 15 and No. 82 when ticket-price inflation is taken into consideration.

The strong hold and the likely Oscar nods bode well for “Rings'” chances of crossing the $300 million mark, but at its current pace, it’ll be a squeaker. Still, it has already become one of the few movies to turn a profit from its domestic theatrical release alone. The movie cost a reported $93 million to make and $50 million for prints and advertising. Studios on average get around 55 percent of the gross returned to them, meaning at $267 million, New Line Cinema is easily in the black now. And that’s not including the nearly $400 million the picture has earned overseas.

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