From muffinman:

As reported today, Sunday the 3rd, in La Nacion news paper, FOTR has rocked this country. Here’s a little traslation of the small article (which has a pic of Saruman on the top of it by the way):

Record for The Lord of the Rings
In its opening day, Thursday, the movie “The Lord of the Rings” was seen by 66,792 spectators, a record in Argentina. Until now the films with the best Thursday initiations have been “Titanic” (64,483 people) and “Star Wars: Episode 1” (59,780). In only two days, in the pre-showing of Wednesday and the [official] opening of last Thursday the cinematomic version of the famous novel of J.R.R. Tolkien totalled 151,246 sold tickets in the country, a mark that many titles, however sucessful, go to great difficulties* [to achieve] in the course of one week.

So there’s my little traslation. What “great difficulties” (duras penas) is literally translated is “hard pains”. 😀 People have waited long enough for LOTR here, with me included, and can finally enjoy Legolas’ double arrow shot into the Cave Troll. Sweet….