Great news for fantasy buffs thanks to Rosie:

“I found a magazine at Brook’s Drugstore called “Fantasy Worlds”, brought out by Starlog. [I assume she’s talking about the US – Tehanu] This is the first issue (February 2002) and it is a “Premiere Collectible Edition” featuring LOTR and Harry Potter. The LOTR articles include…

“One Ring to Rule Them All” – ‘Peter Jackson & company film JRR Tolkien’s epic trilogy’ “Hobbit Talk” – joint interview with Wood, Astin, Monaghan and Boyd “Fellowship of the Four” – 4 separate interviews with McKellen, Mortenson, Bean and Rhys-Davies “Warrior Elf” – a two page article/interview about Orlando Bloom

They’re some great articles, with a lot of pictures, some new but no revelutionaty or anything. There’s also a lot of great articles on Harry Potter, a fantastic article on Neil Gaiman (heralding him as “Fantasy’s Great Hope”), news about the Dinotopia miniseries, and various other things… (apparently there’s a miniseries of Madeleine L’Engle’s “A Wrinkle in Time” coming this February *short scream*). Definitely worth the $6.99! Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything in the magazine telling you how to subscribe…too bad, because it seems like it would be a great magazine to get in the mail for next year or so, what with all the great Fantasy stuff going around!”