is trying to keep Fellowship of the Ring at the top of the box office this week. The concept is easy: Go see Fellowship of the Ring. (I know I know, life is rough…but if we ‘have’ to..heh) Save your ticket stub. Get to a scanner and send the ticket stub to me, at

The Prizes
We have some great prizes to help encourage you to get out there. Not that the film isn’t enough incentive…but just in case, we have amazing prizes from Sideshow/Weta Collectibles and a little something which is only available at the official Lord of the Rings shop.

72x48 Bus Shelter Poster!
First Place
Pillars of Argonath
72 x 48 Inch
Bus Shelter Poster!!!
Lurtz Bust from Sideshow/Weta
Second Place
Series 2 Lurtz Bust
Numenorean Infantryman Bust from Sideshow/Weta
Third Place
Series 2 Numenorean Infantryman Bust

The Rules
So what is the deal? How does this work? Listen up, and I’ll give you the low down.

• If you have seen LOTR during the week of Jan 15th – Jan 20th 2002, you are eligible to enter.
• Eventhough we are trying to rig…err…help the US Box Office of FOTR, you can still enter if you are outside of the United States.
• You must save your ticket stub from the viewing.
• You must scan your ticket so that it is clear and legible. If there is any blurriness, for example, your entry will sadly be rejected.
• Once you have the scan, email the file, your name, and postal address to me, Calisuri, at Please keep the file as a .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tif or .psd. Other formats are going to be pretty tough to convert.

That’s it. It is really that easy folks. The goal is to make Fellowship of the Ring one of the most successful movies ever, and to beat the competition this weekend at the box office.

As always, read the fine print in our contests section.