From: Ataahua

NZPA: Interest in Queenstown from international movie makers has soared following the release of Fellowhship of the ring, the first in the Lord of the Rings trilogy filmed in New Zealand.

Queenstown Lakes District Council special projects manager Shirleyanne Evans said on Wednesday that hits on an Internet site promoting film locations in Queenstown had increased by 40%.

Website users had risen by 20 to 70 a week since December 30 last year, she said. The United States generated 33% of the website hits. Australia generated another 25% of hits while other users came from Asia and Europre, Ms Evans said.

This week, two United States location scouts had contacted the council about filming. One scout was looking for a location for a drama series and the other for a real-life television show. Both were considering other sites as well but were interested in Queenstown and planned to visit to the area she said.